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In The Realm Of Financial Guidance And Assistance, No One Can Match Yves Mirabaud’s Expertise

Mirabaud Group, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is a global banking and financial services group transitioning to a new information technology platform. Using the platform, the Group can better serve its clients and expand its trading operations.

The change is a part of the larger goal to streamline operations throughout the bank, leading to better customer service and more profits for Mirabaud Securities.

Partner Yves Mirabaud stated, “We are attempting to get rid of our outdated systems to a newer one.” He noted the words to at the recent Wealth Management conference in London.

Moreover, he said, “We are also working towards a single IT platform for all of our activities – including securities trading, which will enable us to service customers better and boost profitability for the investment banking business.”

In contrast to other Swiss banks, Mirabaud Financial Group said it would not be adopting a new technological platform. From 2013, private banking operations at UBS and Credit Suisse were supposed to be consolidated into a single technical platform. But Mirabaud has opted not to go that route for now.

Instead, it will stick with the system it is now using for private banking. Senior partner at the bank, Yves Mirabaud, would prioritize satisfying customers before chasing technological advancements. Mirabaud praised Oracle as a “wonderful partner” for the company.

Apple and Google, two pioneers in mobile and cloud computing, have emerged as major players in recent years, ushering in a period of fast change in the computer industry. Mirabaud, based out of Geneva, is making the most of these shifts by using cutting-edge technology platforms that improve customer service and lower operational expenses.

Yves Mirabaud is dedicated to assisting his clients in managing their wealth by providing them with guidance based on long-term investment plans tailored to their objectives. A well-experienced person, Mirabaud has been well recognized as an authority on international tax law, enabling him to advise his customers on how to manage their money via strategic preparation.

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