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Ron Gutman, Invtrivo Healthcare Exec, Takes $1 Million in COVID Supplies to Ukraine

Like many of us, Ron Gutman felt extreme compassion for fellow mankind when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world with vengeance. The Miami healthcare exec felt sad when Russia invaded Ukraine. The two tragedies combined swayed his heart on a mission to help. Intrivo, the company Ron Gutman co-founded, makes COVID test kits.


The serial entrepreneur and healtcare expert also manufactures computer platforms for hospitals that help them quickly identify cases of the virus so they can isolate individuals who are infected. This is especially important for healthcare workers. The test kits and computer programs are beneficial to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country. 


As a healthcare professional, Ron Gutman wanted to do his part to help. Concerned about the people on the front line fighting for freedom of their country, he prepared kits and with a team from his healthcare company, headed across the world to give a helping hand. 


The Intrivo team donated $1 million in kits and software to several hospitals in Ukraine, including those in major cities like Lviv that are currently facing surges in the number of patients due to an increase in COVID infections. Ron Gutman stated:


“It’s amazing to see these things on the ground but I went there exactly to understand the extent of the need,” Gutman said after his May 2022 return from Ukraine.