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 Why Marwan Kheireddine Believes In Investing In The Youth Matters Of Lebanon

Who is Marwan Kheireddine? He is a Lebanese entrepreneur who has always seen Lebanon’s youth as valuable. Marwan aims to empower young business leaders. He was a professor at AUB (the American University of Beirut), where he taught over ten financial courses on introduction to financial analysis, risk management, and commercial banking. Marwan says that over 1200 students have gone through his classes and among the students, many of them stay connected to him.

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He says it is very satisfying to see that he has influenced a person positively and changed their life to be slightly better compared to how it would have been without the influence. Kheireddine says he has run into his former learners at random places, such as at airports, and the students shared how he made an impact on their lives.

Marwan says that the reward of impacting a student’s life beneficially comes when they walk up to him out of nowhere to express their gratitude. He expressed that gratitude gives him so much joy and happiness. Moreover, Marwan, also on the Beirut stock exchange board, says receiving positive feedback is always very satisfying.

Kheireddine served on AUB Business School’s board of trustees for ten years and helped the school create its academic programs. Marwan Kheireddine is also one of the founding members of the Lebanon chapter of Endeavor’s board of directors. The Lebanon chapter of Endeavor is an international NGO (Non-governmental organization) that aims at bringing up entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Moreover, the business leader is community-minded and launched YOUTHinc. To help build up Lebanese entrepreneurs. Through Marwan introducing Virgin Megastores to Lebanon, he helped build more job opportunities for Lebanon’sLebanon’s residents including the youth. He collaborated with Richard Branson in 2001 to open the first Virgin Megastore in Lebanon. Khreiddine says that in the chaotic climate currently in the world, he is seeking answers on the future and bets on the next generation of Lebanon.